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Creating Memories with a Noosa Picnic

Nestled along the enchanting Sunshine Coast, Noosa beckons with its chic coastal allure and natural beauty, setting the perfect backdrop for creating everlasting memories. Noosa Picnics, a Sunshine Coast council-approved picnic hire company, has been curating enchanting experiences for over 8 years. Join us on an immersive journey to discover why Noosa Picnics stands out as the premier choice for those seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of one of the world's most breathtaking seaside spots.

Noosa Picnics extends its services beyond Noosa, covering the entire Sunshine Coast region. From the sandy beaches to the lush hinterland and picturesque gardens, their versatile picnic setups cater to a myriad of special events. Whether you envision a romantic proposal on the beach, a birthday celebration in the gardens, or a corporate gathering in the hinterland, Noosa Picnics transforms your vision into a reality.

Exquisite Packages for Every Occasion

Teepee Magic: An intimate setting for two, whether on the beach or amidst the hinterland's trees and fields, offering unparalleled romance. Picture a cozy blanket, the sound of waves, and an intimate atmosphere that sets the stage for unforgettable moments.

Bohemian Luxe Elegance: Step into a stunning bohemian picnic setting adorned with parasols, soft linen cushions, everlasting roses, and a chakki table for a romantic date or a cozy catch-up with a friend. The ambiance is a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

Luxe Soirees Table Extravaganza: Ideal for larger gatherings, this picnic setup is perfect for hens parties, birthdays, baby showers, work parties, or any occasion calling for a touch of luxury. Imagine a lavish spread under the open sky, celebrating with friends and loved ones.

Romantic Canopy Dreams: An elegant and romantic canopy setup, complete with champagne and fresh floral arrangements, ideal for intimate dinners or the most special proposals. It's a fairytale setting designed to elevate the romantic experience.

Luxury Cabana Delight: Watch the sunrise or sunset over the azure waves under a charming natural beach canopy, a perfect setting for breakfast mimosas on the beach. Enjoy the tranquility and breathtaking views with your loved one.

Boho Picnics Lace Teepee Serenity: An elegant lace teepee for warmer months, letting the golden sun filter through for a charming and intimate setting. The bohemian vibes create a serene atmosphere perfect for capturing special moments.

Wandering Folk Sunset Bliss: A simple yet elegant setup for relaxing on a beautiful rug while the sun sets, perfect for intimate moments under the stars. Imagine laying back on plush linen cushions, sipping champagne, and talking under the night sky.

Noosa Weddings and Proposals

For those seeking to make their special moments extraordinary, Noosa Picnics offers tailored packages for proposals, elopements, and small weddings. Katrina's passion ensures that every event is unforgettable, whether you have a clear vision or need guidance in crafting the perfect experience.

Stress-Free Proposals: Noosa Picnics takes care of everything, from setup to coordinating with photographers and caterers, allowing you to focus on the moment and the ring. Choose from carefully curated proposal packages that turn your vision into a reality.

Elopements & Small Weddings: Experience a luxurious bohemian elopement with the stunning backdrop of Noosa. Let Katrina be your witness as you exchange vows, followed by a serene celebration with a hamper filled with chocolates and wine. This intimate setting provides a romantic escape for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding experience.

Bringing the Experience to You

If sand and beaches aren't your preference, or you desire a special night in, Noosa Picnics can transform your Sunshine Coast accommodation. Set up on your balcony or in the living room, and enjoy a unique dinner event with friends or a loved one without leaving the comfort of your home. It's a personalised touch that brings the magic of Noosa Picnics directly to you.

In the realm of Noosa Picnics, every moment becomes a masterpiece, and every event an unforgettable chapter. Craft memories that last a lifetime in the embrace of Noosa's coastal charm with Noosa Picnics. Immerse yourself in the allure of Noosa's coastal magic, and let Noosa Picnics elevate your special moments to new heights.


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