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Sea & Sky

Make your picnic that extra bit special by arriving by sky or sea. We have partnered with our lovely local vendors at the Gondola's of Noosa & Paradise Seaplanes to create the most special experiences. 

Gondola's of Noosa

Experience the epitome of elegance as you arrive at your Noosa Picnic via the tranquil waters with the Gondola's of Noosa. Indulge in a day or evening cruise along the stunning Noosa River, soaking in the views through the picturesque canals of Noosa Sound.

This stunning gondola, accommodating up to six passengers, offers the perfect blend of romance and privacy as you glide gracefully under the expert guidance of Captain Ricardo.

Whether you choose to embark on a gondola cruise before or after your picnic, it promises to be an unforgettable experience. Sit back and unwind to the gentle sounds of the water and romantic melodies drifting in the air, as you sip champagne as you arrive to your stunning picnic set up. 

Contact the Gondola's of Noosa direct about our join experiences available. 

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Paradise Seaplanes

Arrive to your Sunshine Coast Picnic through the skies aboard the amazing Paradise seaplane. Feel the exhilaration of flight, behold the stunning vistas of the Sunshine Coast, and relish in the timeless romance of aviation's golden age as you depart from paradise and glide towards your private picnic destination just on the water's edge. 

Paradise Seaplanes, led by Shawn and the crew, offers adventure flights unlike any other, featuring the renowned Wilga 80 seaplane, the sole warbird spy plane of its kind in the southern hemisphere. With its distinctive design, this aircraft provides a panoramic view of the world below, allowing you to savour every enchanting detail of the land and sea as you soar gracefully through the skies. 

Whether you opt for a pre or post-picnic adventure, a ride on this remarkable aircraft, paired with a romantic picnic, promises to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Contact the Paradise Seaplanes direct about our join experiences available. 

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