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Luxury Cabana

A luxury natural and canvas beach canopy. Perfect for the most beautiful, romantic sunrise or sunset tranquillity. 


$350 - Suitable for 2 people

$450 - Suitable for 4 people

$500 - Suitable for 5 people


2 Hours

*Additional time can be added


2 - 5 Guests



Premium canvas cabana

Thick duvet 

Cushions and throw

Floral arrangement (additional costs to keep)

Glassware - champagne and tumblers

Pressed linen napkins

Fairy Lights

Bluetooth speaker

Picnic Basket

Quality plate ware and gold cutlery

Ice bucket with complimentary sparking water and ice

Table (Optional)

Hand Sanitiser and Bottle opener

Styles & Colours

On the booking enquiry form you will need to select what colour/style you desire.


On the booking enquiry form you can select what additions you desire.

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